Shipping Options


  1. For those not local to our kennel, there are a few options regarding getting the puppy to your area. The first method is via an airline, who delivers the puppy to the airport nearest you. When you choose the arrival destination, we take care of the rest of the details including the veterinarian visit, booster vaccinations, travel crate and airfare. The cost for airline travel depends upon destination and other factors. Please note that due to recent changes in airline by-laws concerning pet travel, the time of year and final destination may affect availability and or price of the puppy's travel.

  2. The second option, which we recommend in most cases, is ground shipping via a USDA certified carrier who brings the puppy to your home. This not only bypasses the airport, but the puppy receives wonderful, loving care throughout the trip and receives adequate exercise. For ground shipping, the cost varies depending upon length of trip and time of year.

  3. We also offer to meet at the airport if you'd like to fly your new puppy home in the cabin with you. This can be a great time to bond with the puppy, and can oftentimes be a little cheaper if booked in advance. For reference, we can meet at the Portland Airport (PWM) or Bangor Airport (KGBM). There are still fees involved with this method to cover our time, mileage and puppy's needs, but can be tailored to fit your schedule and destination. Please contact us with questions!


 When our kennel originated, our desire was to enrich the lives of others by raising healthy, loving companions that would positively impact their well-being. Our dogs are not just our pets, they are our family companions. Their well-being and happiness is our number one priority, which is why we have invested countless hours and financial resources into improving our kennel and the lives of our dogs. We moved to this area to see our dogs happy, and watching enjoy the leg room and beautiful sights of Western Maine has been so incredibly rewarding. Our huskies love the snow, and our springers enjoy the increased amount of birds we have to hunt right at our home. Each of our dogs is part of our family, and we want our adopting families to know our puppies are raised with love and we want them to be as prepared for their new home as possible.

When we receive inquiries and the only question asked is “How much?”, we feel the inquirer is more concerned with the cheapest option rather than considering the time, quality and overall well-being of the puppy they are searching for. Just something to keep in mind during your search; much more goes into the rearing of a litter than most consider.

We are happy to answer any questions you have for us, and ask that you keep these factors in mind as you consider the investment you are making in your new companion. When you think of the joy and love these companions bring to your life, we hope you realize how worthwhile this investment is. Additionally, while many kennels may offer a one or two year health guarantee, we go above and beyond by offering a guarantee spanning 10 years! 


Frequently Asked Questions


  • “How do I begin the adoption process?”

    • We have an adoption application that can be found at the bottom of this page that we use to screen our potential adopting families and get to know them a bit better. If you submit an application, please also send us an email to make sure we received it and to touch base with any other questions you may have. Please be aware that we reserve the right to deny any individual the right to adopt one of our dogs if we for some reason believe it isn’t in the best interests of all involved.

    • At certain times of the year, interest in adoption peaks and we get an influx of interest at one time. If you were interested in a puppy and they become unavailable, we ask for your patience and understanding. We do not hold a puppy without receiving a deposit, and our availability can change very quickly. Please refrain from sending us inappropriate or vulgar messages if your puppy becomes unavailable (we only say this as it happens more than one would think). We are a small, family operated kennel, and we do our best to return communications in a timely manner. We ask for patience and your cooperation in this process as we aim to make it as enjoyable and stress-free for all involved parties. We just want you to get the best puppy to fit the needs of you and your family.

  • “How do I place a deposit?”

    • The adoption fees for our puppies vary dependent upon breed, bloodline, sex, markings and other factors. It is not uncommon for a litter’s adoption fee to vary from puppy to puppy; please be as specific as possible in your communications with us in order for us to provide you with the most accurate information.

    • Please send us an email with your desire to adopt a puppy, and we can forward an invoice to your account that can be paid via debit or credit card.

    • If you have a Venmo account, we are happy to provide our information for you to send a payment over to.

    • Personal checks may be mailed to our PO Box, with time to clear before the puppy leaves our home. Please contact us before pursuing these options for additional information.

  • "What if I am unable to bring the puppy home at 8 weeks?"

    • We realize that situations arise that may prevent you and your family being ready to bring the puppy home when it is ready at 8 weeks of age. Whether you are moving, going on vacation, having a health issue, etc., we understand that you may need a few weeks to ready your home for the puppy and the transition you both are about to make. We are flexible and will hold the puppy for you for a set amount of time, and may set a date of our choosing where a kennel fee will start to accumulate to reimburse us for the time and care that we put towards your dog, at the rate of $10 per day


  • “Do you allow visitors to your home and kennel?”

  • We no longer permit individuals access to our home, kennel and dogs. Our puppies are raised in the home amongst our family, and while we previously accommodated visits, in today's day and age, we just are no longer comfortable opening our home and property to virtual strangers. We don't mean this to take offense, but with our young children and puppies in the home, it is just too great a liability for our family to put ourselves in such a situation. We've unfortunately had some questionable individuals in our home under the guise of being interested in puppies, and have determined that for the sake of all involved, we can no longer put ourselves in these situations with our extremely rural and isolated location. Young puppies have very fragile immune systems, especially prior to being vaccinated. Even if unknowingly, visitors bring with them many germs on their person and their shoes, and we care too much for our puppies to see their health compromised so early on in their lives.

  • This isn’t uncommon as we’ve found from our mentors; with so many unknown factors to consider welcoming strangers into your home, it is a situation many choose to not open themselves up to.

  • The process for picking our puppies typically involves either choosing from photos, video and the temperament profiles we compile based on our observations of the litter as they have grown and matured. We meet all of our adopting families in an agreed upon location for the best interests of both parties. In the case that there is more than one puppy of interest, we are glad to bring them along and give everyone time to get to know one another and choose who may be the best fit for the family. While we understand that this may seem ‘unorthodox’, it is how we have adapted our program to fit the needs and safety of our family while finding the best homes for our dogs that we can. We hold no hard feelings if you would prefer to take your search elsewhere and wish you the absolute best!  

  • "What am I responsible for during and after the adoption process?"

    • We ask that all potential puppy parents thoroughly research and understand the breed of dog they are interested in adding to their family. Each breed has characteristics and specific needs that need to be considered when deciding to make the commitment of becoming their caregiver for the foreseeable future. We want each puppy to have an informed, committed caregiver agreeing to take them into their life, which means having a thorough knowledge of their needs and breed characteristics. We don't want our puppies to go into a home where all parties are not in agreement about their responsibilities regarding the puppy.

    • You are responsible for reading and understanding our health guarantee.

    • If you have young children, please assess whether they are ready to interact with a puppy whose behavior could include excess energy, playful chewing as a result of teething, as well as rowdy spurts of play. If your child is going to be interacting with a puppy, please prepare them by teaching patience and gentle touching.

    • Before your puppy comes home, please consider all of the potentially hazardous areas and items in your house that need puppy-proofed. Removing small objects that can be swallowed causing a blockage, eliminating wiring at the floor level and perhaps investing in gates for rooms you wish to keep the puppy away from during training. Taking these steps prior to adoption day can prevent serious health issues for the puppy, as well as lessening the worry on you while the puppy becomes accommodated to their new surroundings.

    • Finding an experienced, reliable veterinary practice to entrust the health of your new companion should be at the top of your priority list. Research providers to find which veterinarian fits your needs and expectations, as well as being relatively close in location in case of emergency. Book your appointments prior to bringing your puppy home, as our health guarantee dictates prompt and frequent veterinary care after the puppy leaves our premises.

    • You are committing yourself to a living, loving being who will rely on you for all of their basic needs. Please remember this and carefully consider whether you are prepared to bring a new puppy home. In the event that you can no longer care for your puppy/dog, please always contact us before taking the dog to a shelter or pound. Our love for our puppies never ends, and we never want any of our dogs to become homeless, no matter the circumstances.

    • After taking your puppy home, and throughout their lifespan, please keep in touch! We love to see photos and hear stories about the well-being and wonderful lives of our dogs.

    "Do you offer full registration (breeding rights)?"

    • Full registration, also referred to as breeding rights, are not automatically transferred to the puppy's family upon transfer to their custody. We approve full registration on a case-by-case basis for an additional fee. If a litter is AKC registered and you have the intentions of breeding the puppy you are interested in, we appreciate open and honest communication regarding that fact during the adoption process.

    • If you didn’t mention during the adoption process you wanted AKC registration, if applicable, for your puppy, we cannot guarantee you will receive paperwork, especially if the adoption occurred in excess of 4-6 months ago.

    • If you have adopted one of our puppies previously and find that their temperament and conformation is superior and would like to breed them, we can re-issue full rights even if the puppy was registered as limited. Please contact us regarding this opportunity if you are interested. An additional fee will apply for this paperwork. We reserve the right to deny breeding rights at any time. 

Link to our Adoption Application: