Siberian Husky

Siberian huskies are incredible dogs. One of their foremost breed attributes is their incredible intelligence! A husky's weight can range from 30 to 80 pounds, depending on sex and ancestral genetics. They can exhibit a variety of coat colors, ranging from black and white, to red and white, as well as varying eye colors. Their breed was not recognized by the AKC until 1930, despite being one of the oldest domestic pets. 


If you are interested in welcoming a husky into your family, we please ask that you follow the link below and learn more about the breed. They have their own special needs, personality attributes and specific tendencies that should be considered before adopting. They make great pets, and are so full of love and fun, but we want to be sure that you and your family are prepared for the puppy over the lifespan of the dog. Specifically, living arrangements, time available for the dog to exercise, etc. 

For more information please refer to the link below.